Uncover Trading Opportunities Using Exclusive, Customizable Trading Charts

Analyze The Futures Markets With Custom Trading Charts

Easily create charts that can be accessed from any device and customized to your preference using a host of styles, timeframes, and technical indicators. You’re able to create custom charts through NinjaTrader, which gives you the ability to unlock a world of possibilities for your trades. Not only that, but NinjaTrader is completely FREE to use for charting, backtesting, trade simulation, and technical analysis.

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Visualize The Markets To Make Informed Decisions

Trade direct from your charts and explore 100s of indicators and 10+ chart styles to expand your technical analysis.

Analyze the Distribution of Trading Volume

Use order flow, volumetric bars and market depth to confirm futures market movement in a specific direction.
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Ninja Trader Desktop Platform

Focus Your Technical Analysis

Customize your trading charts to fit your trading style or strategy. Personalize your trading setup with access to 1000s of apps and add-ons built specifically for NinjaTrader.
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Ninja Trader Desktop Platform

Sharpen Your Trading Skills

Test your ideas risk-free in a simulated trading environment before putting money at risk. You’ll have access to live streaming market data so you’ll be well prepared for the real-world trading environment.
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Ninja Trader Desktop Platform

Monitor the futures markets with powerful real-time analysis

NinjaTrader opens the door to further insight to perform & boost your trading capabilities through data & analysis.

  • Easily monitor market data based on your predefined conditions to rank, scan, and sort tick by tick. 
  • Trigger custom alerts, social media sharing, and orders based on indicator values, price or time data and more.
  • Leverage additional analytic tools including Time & Sales, Level II, Hot Lists, News, and more.

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Analyze the Futures Markets with Free Trading Charts

Get started on your trading journey with NinjaTrader’s free simulated trading, powered by live market data.

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